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  • Weekly Planner Pad

    Weekly Planner Pad

    $10.00 $10.00

    Get organised with this handy A5 sized, undated, weekly planner pad.

    This is a great resource to have handy - straight away you can see your weekly schedule and check that your work/study/exercise/social lives are in balance!

    The shading and icons help you organise by morning, afternoon and evening activities - and you can jot down any 'to do's' in the to do section.

    I use it alongside my google calendar, to block out 'chunks' for the things I need to prioritize.

    Great for students to plan their study sessions around classes, work and social activities too!

    You can simply:
    a) Keep the whole pad on your desktop, ready to jot down appointments or
    b) Tear a sheet off per week and pop it in a prominent place (the fridge?) for easy reference/updating.

    Contains 50 sheets of 100GSM paper

    Shipping: Keeping things simple - $3 for ordering as little or as much you as like! #FlatRate